Currently working with the great New Zealand author Johanna Rae on a werewolf/human romance novel, currently titled "Fractures."

Fleur de Lys Series – Book 1: Traditions

My world of vampires includes two different types, borns and mades. Borns are pretty much like humans, evolving from the same human ancestors, but they live longer and do need blood to survive. Mades are your typical Hollywood myths of legend; soulless blood-thirsty creatures hell-bent on violence.

I take the reader on a wild ride within this world, seen mainly through the eyes of Lucien da Monte, a six-hundred-year-old vampire and his group of hunters who try to keep the mades from wreaking havoc among the human population.

This is not your teeny-bopper, sparkling vampire with brooding issues and great hair. Lucien is snarky, sexy, definitely a player, and sometimes his ego gets the best of him, but he is good at heart. Throughout the novel he finds himself a mentor towards another vampire who is determined to be a thorn in Lucien’s side. Lucien also learns how to repair his relationship with his estranged daughter.

Submitted to DAW Books (subsidiary of Penguin) March, 2015. Draft, non-binding cover below.

Someone To Hold My Hand (draft title)

Liam is a sixteen-year-old football player, just coming into his sexuality. He meets Cody, a transfer student, who shows him what he feels is natural and he shouldn't feel guilty, regardless of what he hears from the pulpit. Guilt and frustration manifest in risky behavior until it all comes to a head. Will Liam survive his small town and escape with his sanity and his life?

Submitted to Harmony Ink Press, June 2015. **UPDATE - Accepted for Publication!!!**